This site are linked to from more than 75 places, the links are collected during autumn 2002, a few of them can have gone out of date. Those links and other attention have made this to a more frequented museum than actual Nyköping itself! This summer and autumn of 2002 it has collected much more than 10 000 visitors, not counted all those who looked the day of the review in El Pais (because I didn't know then and couldn't check) and not counted all those looking right now at the mirrored site accessed through Sat@Once and the Astra satellite, it has yield more virtual visitors than have visited Nyköping for real, and this is without ANY advertising expenses.

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In the bottom more reviews and awards.

Número 338, 08 de julho de 2002
Excelente site sobre a Suécia, esta página, desenvolvida em Flash, conta, de maneira bem ilustrada (inclusive com mapas), a história do país, explicando a origem do seu nome e relatando diversas fases de sua história, desde o período dos povos Vikings até tempos mais recentes. Bastante interessante.
((Bastante interessante, this I doesn't need to translate, right?!))

02/07/2002 "Vikingen"

Onderdeel van het Zweedse een flitsende Viking-site. Op de beginpagina worden direct twee misverstanden uit de weg geruimd over de juiste vorm van een Viking-helm en de levensstijl van het volk. De flashanimatie is eigenlijk een opmaat naar meer informatie over de Zweedse stad Nyk?g, ten zuiden van Stockholm. Wie weet ooit nog eens een aardige vakantiebestemming...

Putina istorie nu strica
Utilul si placutul pot fi foarte frumos combinate prin intermediul flash-ului. Placutul il constituie, evident, grafica si animatiile, iar utilul consta in lectia de istorie despre vikingi. O informatie in plus nu strica niciodata, mai ales daca o adaugati bagajului de cultura generala.
O istorie reusita. Frumos facuta... in sensul realizarii. Daca privim din unghiul nostru de vedere, propria istorie este mai interesanta, insa nu vrea nimeni sa faca ceva cu ea... in flash, evident.
Daca suna clopotelul, dati clic aici

Sweden Viking Age
Fantastic site.. completely interactive and you cant help but explore. Cant be described here.. you gotta see it for yourself.
((-Fem stjärnor!))

----------- Welcomes You to Sweden

Take a virtual trip through Sweden's history starting with the Viking Age in 800 AD. This inspiring site uses the latest Flash technology to bring Sweden's history to life and recreates it in a way that you are able to experience it much like those who lived it.
Stunning 360 degree images, rotating castles with removable florrs and roofs, animation of the Russian fire of 1719, and an underground tour of the Kopartorp mine are a few of the intriguing scenes awaiting you. The author also invites you to "See the buildings around the old Medieval square, walk into the Town Hall, and witness the murder tragedy from 1936.
Enter Sörmland's only wooden church, and ascend the mountain of Gulläng where you'll experience scenes worthy of the "Lord of the Rings". Examine the natural wonder that is the nailstone in Ripsa. Enjoy the tale of Linden Hill (Lindbacke). A small bend in the old road to the town of Trosa will unravel its twisted history for you. "
Perhaps this site will entice you to include Sweden on your list of places to visit in the near future. If you are already planning a trip to Sweden, this site is a must-see and is worthy of the many awards that it has won.
((det sista är felaktigt, den har inte vunnit så mycket som det låter... men trevlig recension var det alla fall))
------------,2789,212070,00.html" ---viking links ---australiensisk stads länk ---Lunds Univesitetsbibliotek, Safir UB Informationsavdelning.

Ungerskt nånting skriver: Nem is Kolombusz fedezte fel Amerikát... Azaz, hogy Vinlandot. A Vikingek ugyanis a borok földjének hívták, és jóval a spanyol hódítók elo&Mac253;tt élvezték vendégszeretetét. Linklovasunkat nem tudtuk erro&Mac253;l meggyo&Mac253;zni, de hátha téged meg lehet. Kattints ide, és dönts magad!
–"Es dönts magad" har jag ingen aning om vad det betyder men det låter väldigt maxat!?

This site was Cool Site of
the Day June 19 2002!

During whole July 2002 this was
also nominated for the Cool
Site of the Month! You can't
vote anymore for “Sweden
Viking Age”

See how this site are rated
amongst other international
VR-sites on this site where
you can find many more
panoramas from all over
the world!

Once this was also the link of
the week at Viking Heritag

Travel over the Baltic Sea to see
panoramas of Tallinn, a former
Swedish territory! An era they
surprisingly call “the Good Old
Swedish Time”!

Here is what Sweden's biggest PC-magazine “PC för alla” [PC for everyone] write about this site in theirs summeredition 2002 (it was originally in swedish, mine translation):

Sweden's history comes to life

It's score 10 points of 10 possible. (!)

A virtual museum that sometimes feels like interactive TV, where you get served a great portion swedish history with direction towards Sörmland. Illustrata begins with a shorth description of the swedish history in english. Then when the show aim towards Nyköping and Sörmland there are possibilities to spin pictures on castles with sound and music which convey different moods which makes the experience very vivid. One step in right direction on Internet!

+ Very professional picture-walks (panoramas) that make the most from the net's possibilities.

- Why does it not exists more?

–Thank You for that!

Spain's biggest daily newspaper, “El Pais” wrote this 4 July about this site in theirs supplement CiberP@is with a small picture added (it's my translation, originally it was in Spanish of course):

History. World of the Vikings
Shows the wilde era of Vikings and illustrate objective the time of Swedish Viking Age, the development illustrates visually and with text (in english and with animations) the story about the time of the Nordic.

–Thank You El Pais for that!

This is also picked as Classy Site Pick Award at Duke of Urls site for August 2002, it's a seniors internet group known as the "50+ Friends Club", established in 1995, and an important part of the web-famous 50+ comprehensive site.
–Thanks Duke of Url for that!

Vikings lost in space!
These Vikings together with the surrounding of Nyköping, Sweden's biggest historical VR-site, is the first Swedish site that is transmitted in outer space! This autumn year 2002 european surfers connected via Sat@Once towards the Astra satellite can watch and vote for this site in a project together with ESA (European Space Agency), SES-ASTRA and Yahoo with today more than 14 000 connected surfers!

If you want more info about it: ""

Furthermore it got a very fine review in "Biblioteksbladet" under the vignette "nätnyheter [net news]": "Sweden's best historical site!" it said, "it surpass the most...", further comments unnecessary!

I also got Nyköping municipality's culture encouragement award 2002, actual it's the first time someone got it for spreading culture with help of a computer!
–Thanks very much for that!

Must tell you about something fun I did one day this summer, I showed the surroundings of Nyköping to a friend of a friend, a history teacher from Berkeley University of California and a teacher in Latin, this was performed in swenglish of course, but despite that fact they told me this was even better than the visit to Birka they made the day before!
Birka is an island full with plenty old stuff from Middle Ages and is widely known, this shows how fun an interesting a visit to Nyköping can be after have seen it virtually right here!

Sweden's official homepage "" links:

–Thanks very much for that!

This site is included in the Swedish National Agency for School Improvement's [] link collection Länkskafferiet [].
And is participating in the EU project MELT [].
In this project 13 EU-countries are exchanging Internet resources suited for schoolwork in a web portal, which is reached by all schools in these countries.

Many thanks to you all who have helped to spread Sweden around the world!